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click info click info click info lick in fo kill ick fin off oh h h h . . . . .

pretty ________ weekend for senor carl. had a quirky time in north county with a bounty of shore and tenfold more. i made the descision not to halfass a costume at the last minute in an attempt to hold on to a little dignity, whatever that is. my lack of motivation lately around others is lifting, it's just been hard for me to get into much of anything beyond my soundwaves. Waking Life was a refreshing chunk of stimuli. it was _______ to hear people talking about things i've been thinking about and experiencing recently in my dreaming and waking states.

the halloweenie party was rather enjoyable. i drank a tad quick and was pretty dizzy for the latter part of the evening. the floor felt comfortable, tho i do not know if it was me or the floor.

nat sherman built my hotrod.
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