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wow - good old
i'd have to say this is a really fun website. the act of watching your own estimated time to live deteriorate second by second gives you a newfound sense of motivation. motivation to do what though? well i'll keep the amount of funky tangents to a minimum today. i'm feeling somewhat chipper. i just ate a grapefruit, i used to hate those things so much - but i've eaten 2 now in my life all by themselves and i'm gettin used to them.

welp ebola is back. kinda makes me think about the balance of power in the world. here i am, concerned about hangnails and RSI... and people in africa are being liquidated from the inside out. 'funk that' i say. why cant we stop these situations form starting in the first place. i'd really like for these people to have proper water and agricultural facilities... but i know that almost always leads to WTO/World Bank/IMF involvement. i should just go over there and yell 'OIL' and then we'll see how much help comes.

yea i knwo you dont want to hear it. you've got your own problems right? i know where you're coming from. numero uno is the person i tend to watch out for primarily too. but this americanized apathy towards human suffering just has a 'bad vibe' to it for me. yea yea quotation marks and the V word... you can bite me mmkay.

what's up with these Hitler Comedians? why do we fall for laughing at things that we know we dont agree with or find funny. when dennis leary smokes 5 cigarettes over the course of 1 joke about clubbing baby seals - everyone is somehow dumbfoudnedly attracted to it. why is this unsteered anger so attractive in todays society? he could walk up to someone and call them a fucking fuckface fucker and they'd be entertained at their own expense. are we so numb that we need other people to get pissed off for us? at anything? even cute litle seals? i know i've got alot to be bothered about, or at least concerned with on a serious level. who knows, maybe we're supposed to channel our angst into these figures of pissyness. i know i always get excited when lewis black is on the daily show... even though he does make as ass of himself, at least in my eyes, on nearly every sitting.

of course this all pales in comparison to the stress releif outlet that is quake3arena. i send my thanks to id software for creating such a chaotic masterpeice of frags and gibs. there's just something about rocket jumping off of someone's head in mid-air and making them explode into little peices that makes me glad i can operate these computer contraptions.
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