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while listening to mouse on mars, i decided to check them out on did you know they met at a death metal show? :D i also learned, in relation to 'mars' that some ppl in scotland eat deep friend Mars bars? there's just something unwholesome about that beyond a level beyond nutrition.

well, i managed to be a hermit all day sunday (you're welcome room mates :D) and play with noises till the wee hours of the morning. this is the farthest i've come with music in a while. i beleive alot of it may have to do with coffee. most of my crazy ideas i get come when i'm drinking coffee at work, but this was the first time i've been home all amped out and with a decently working computer to vente my latte through (ohh did you get the double word score?)

oh yea, and...
mother fucking TOMAHAWK in the mother fucking mother fucking house
patton is the doom diggity snipsnap sack
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