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My MMORPG Is A State Of Mind My MMORPG Is A State Of Mind My MMORPG Is A State Of Mind

what have i gotten myself into. yea yea i know you think i'm just victimizing myself, but screw off. this is a major problem in australia. they always give it to you the first time for free, and then you keep wanting more and more. i suppose i should probably cancel it tomorrow, i can't really afford to play it as much as i have been. and i could really only justify spending that much time playing a game if my friends were also. Edgar Allan Poe posed the question that what if all we see was only a dream within a dream? that sure makes it easy to allow yourself to dive into something like AO full time. maybe that's why they quoted him on their site =) it's alright though. there are other things on the horizon as far as gaming is concerned. neverwinter is, in fact, NOT vaporware =) it is coming, and there will be bread. i like drugs, but i like free drugs even more.

here's a little Q&A with the NWN dev team if you want some new info

the gnomes have learned a new way to say hooray. it's a device that adds +3 to all roles dependant on intelligence and charisma. but you have to be at least level 7 to wield it.
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