Carl (bokonon) wrote,

...steady as she goes...

...steady as she goes. the wind in my sails was full of a power i could not describe. only the horizon for as far as my eyes could see. i bore the flag of my tribe with unquestioned fervor and righteousness. i feared no storm of intensity, or dulldrom in the farthest reaches of the sea. and i payed the price of flood through the hull, parching drought in the crew that manned my vessel, and loss many a hand. the ropes for the sails of my ship of old start to break away, each with a plucking pang of what it was, and what it supported. as they fall from what they are anchored to, i see clear view of my new port for what it is and what it was unloading from me. my precious cargo, pillaged and destroyed in ways i cared not to see from my farsighted crows nest. the treasures contained so misused and squandered.

i've taken what's needed and left the rest behind for others. the sails have fallen to the water and the crew have left their posts. i voyage now in new vessels which to carry me on a newfound journey. vehicles divinely crafted in the wood of the earth and the strength of a heart which knows discovery and divinity. this freedom carried comes at a price. the discovery purchased with the currency of divinity. for what is around each corner will only be as it is, and nothing more or less. the sorrow and joy are radiated in the duality of my new port and starboard. yet i move onward with a gentle tap of the rudder, for this wind that carries me blows only in one direction. steady as she goes...
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